Rose C White Vitamin C 1000mg

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Recommended Oral Glutathione Partner!

✓ Fights off free radicals
✓ Antioxidant
✓ Boosts immune system defense
✓ Enhance healing of wounds
✓ Nourishes the skin


Rose-C White Vitamin C_single_001

Rose C White Vitamin C
1000mg with Rosehips
60 tablets

The Rose C Capsules contain an ample amount of Vitamin C, rose hips, and citrus bioflavanoids to help neutralize free radicals in your body, acting as an anti-oxidant. It also helps to relieve symptoms of colds, nervous tensions, stress, and even mild anxiety that could eventually lead to worse health conditions.

✓ Strengthens immune function Relieves symptoms of colds, nervous tension, stress, and mild anxiety
✓ Helps neutralize harmful free radicals in cells
✓ Heals dark spots cause by acne and prevents pimples
✓ Lips will become pinkish because the melanin pigments blocking your lip will also decrease
✓ Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
✓ Enhance healing of wounds
✓ Nourishes the skin

Recommended partner for Oral Glutathione. Vitamin C prevents Glutathione from being oxidized and raises Glutathione level by helping the body manufacture it.


Vitamin C
Relieves symptoms of colds, nervous tension, stress mild anxiety Helps to maintain a normal healthy immune function

Rose hips extract
Lays a valuable role in the maintenance of joints, joint tissues and mobility Helps in preventing and treating colds, infections, fever and improving immune function, stomach irritations and diarrhea


3 reviews for Rose C White Vitamin C 1000mg

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cris Santos

    Effective in keeping colds and sore throat at bay

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    it Boost my immune system and my skin glowing 🙂

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria Cristina

    Very potent, we love it! We’ve been taking it since Feb, nobody in the family got sick, not even sniffles. I normally order this from Lazada, now I can’t find this anywhere, so sad..

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