Tationil Plus 1500mg 3 in 1 Glutathione Injectable


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✓ Super Anti-oxidant
✓ Firms sagging skin
✓ Brightems and tightens skin
✓ Fades dark spots and age spots
✓ Glowing and moisturized skin
✓ Rejuvenates skin
✓ Prevents and heals acne


Tationil Advanced Glutathione
from Budapest, Hungary

✓ Makes your skin flawless and gives off a youthful glow
✓ Improves pigmentation of the skin such as melasma, scars, improper chemical peel and post chicken pox
✓ Helps the skin look smoother and achieve even color
✓ Super anti-oxidant and enhances liver function
✓ Prevent diseases of the eye such as disorder of eyeball tissues, cornea, cataract, and optic nerve

What’s in the box?
– 8 Vials Glutathione 1500mg
– 8 Ampoules Vitamin C 500mg
– 30 Capsules Glutathione Booster (250mg L-glutatione, 125mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 125mg Vit. C per capsule)

This is the most advanced genuine injectable glutathione formula available today. It combines high dose glutathione and vitamin C with an oral booster to maintain high levels of glutathione in the body even between treatments. Tationil Glutathione is a strong antioxidant to remove excess free radicals that cause abnormal function of brain and organs.

Recommended use is intravenously every 3 days.


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