Health Source Gingko Biloba


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Enhances brain capacity and improves blood circulation for maximum performance. Recommended for busy active people.


Health Source Ginko Biloba Softgels
100 soft gel capsules, 500mg

✓ Improves the blood circulation in the brain
✓ Enhances memory capacity
✓ Prevents retina diseases and vision blurring incurred by diabetes
✓ Prevents premature aging and Alzheimers disease.

Recommended to people who are:
✓ People with long hours of work
✓ Smokes and drinks often and seldom exercise
✓ Suffer from high blood fat
✓ Has high cholesterol level and above average blood viscosity incurred by obesity
✓ People who suffers headache, dizziness, loss of memory or attention, all incurred by mental stress

Take 1-2 soft gels, twice a day (after meals)


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