G4M Glutathione for Men and BeauOxi White-C Vitamin C Bundle


G4M Glutathione for Men
The glutathione brand made specially for men
Men’s new bestfriend!

✓ Skin Whitening
✓ Skin Care
✓ Age defying
✓ Male Virility
✓ Sexual Enhancer
✓ Stamina and Endurance

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NOTE: G4M and Vitamin C combos do not come with a free shirt for INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.


G4M Glutathione for Men
Enhanced Glutathione Formula Made for Men
60 tablets, 950mg per tablet
The Glutathione brand made specially for men

Aside from skin whitening, what are G4M’s benefits?

Cancer prevention
Neutralizes and clears heavy toxins from the body
Prevent heart disease
Boosts immune system
Detoxifies liver
Lowers blood pressure
Increases body’s recovery from exercise
Reduces depression

Makes skin smooth, firm, supple and young-looking
Delays aging
Prevents/heals acne
Strengthens nails and hair
Makes skin glowing

Male virility
Treats erectile dysfunction/impotency
Increases sperm count
Improves energy level and mobility system
Longer endurance and stamina
Harder erection quality

BeauOxi White C Vitamin C
with Rosehips Extracts

✓ Fights off free radicals
✓ Antioxidant
✓ Boosts immune defense
✓ Perfect glutathione partner
✓ Increases glutathione and Vitamin E levels in our body



Take 2-3 tablets a day with 1000mg Vitamin C preferably after lunch and dinner (1 tablet of G4M and 1  Rose-C Vit C per intake)



Enhanced Glutathione
Very powerful antioxidant
Destroys free radicals

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
Fights against cancer
Reduces toxic effects of some chemotherapy drugs

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Promising treatment for stroke and brain disorders

Additional Ingredients which are beneficial for men who want to bring back the fire!

Korean Ginseng Extract
Increases production of testosterone
Enhances sperm production

Gingko Biloba Extract  
Helps in the treatment of impotence

Helps the body process and eliminate fats
Eliminate toxins and build strong, healthy tissues, including muscle tissues

Helps ease symptoms of mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction
Improves blood flow throughout the body

Growth of muscle cells

Epimedium lcariin Extract
Sexual enhancement
Immunity improvement
Anti-cancer and anti-aging treatment

Zinc Aspartate
Helps in the treatment for impotency
Reduces depression in people who have eating disorders

Important Reminders


Safety Warning
– Misuse and abuse of any substance is dangerous to your health
– Do not exceed recommended and allowable dosage.
– If you have any medical conditions, please consult your physician before taking any supplements
– Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can take G4M?
Men with…
✓ Impotency problems / erectile dysfunction
✓ Uneven skin tone
✓ Acne prone skin
✓ Depression
✓ Body Builders /Athletes
✓ Heart problems
✓ Low immune system (recovering from sickness and operations)
✓ Low sperm quality and low sperm counts
✓ Individuals who wants sexual enhancement, immunity improvement, anti-cancer and anti-aging treatment

Is it for men only? Why?
Yes it is the ONLY GLUTATHIONE BRAND that is made especially for men and their needs.

What is Male Virility?
FEMALE is to fertility while MALE is to virility. It’s men’s ability to produce a child according to their sperm quality and volume

Why is Vitamin C needed?
A person taking G4M should take Vitamin C. This is to keep it in its absorbable or enhanced form and to raise glutathione level in our body.


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