EasySLIM African Mango Slimming Juice

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The Healthy Slimming Juice
✓ With Collagen, L-Carnitine, Glucose and Dietary Fiber
✓ Increases energy
✓ Reduces food cravings
✓ Burns unwanted body fats
Quench your thirst for weight loss!


EasySLIM African Mango 
The Healthy Slimming Juice
18 sachets x 10gWith Collagen, L-Carnitine, Glucose and Dietary Fiber!
✓ Increases energy
✓ Reduces food cravings
✓ Burns unwanted body fats
✓ Keeps body healthy & fit
EasySLIM African Mango can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and fat oxidation. This will also help increase your energy and fight off fatigue.

CHOLESTEROL – In the same 2005 study, Ngondi also noted that the subjects placed in the intervention group exhibited a significant reduction in blood lipid levels, which include triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Furthermore, the participants’ level of high density lipoprotein, otherwise known as the “good” cholesterol, showed marked improvements. The placebo group, on the other hand, exhibited no alterations to blood lipid levels.

DIABETES – Another study, published in the March 2009 edition of “Lipids in Health and Disease,” also conducted by Ngondi, reported that the extract of the dikanut may help to improve blood-glucose levels in patients diagnosed with diabetes. The study was performed over a 10 week period and consisted of 100 overweight individuals. Similar to the previous study in 2005, the subjects were divided into two groups, intervention and placebo. The results indicated that African mango does have a positive impact on blood-glucose levels; however, further research is required.



Add 1 sachet to a cup of water. Consume before or after breakfast. Once a day only.



– Has fat burning power
– Speeds up metabolism
– Mild appetite suppressant
– Enhances antioxidant effectiveness
– Helps release stored energy to build new muscle tissue

– Helps keep skin supple
– Keeps muscles smooth and firm
– Building block for all our body’s major systems

Other ingredients:
African Mango Powder (Irvingia Gabonesis), Glucose Powder, Dietary Fiber

Important Reminders


Not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women, high blood pressure or diabetes, cardiovascular problem or stroke patients.

Important Reminder:
– Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
– Consult your doctor first before taking any supplements

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Since beesexy is out of stock, i decided to try this one and…. it does not work as fast as slimming pills but still ok.

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