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A fantastic herb for liver health, turmeric has the ability to really get acetaldehyde levels under control by quickening the metabolism of alcohol. It soothes the stomach by relieving nausea and reducing the secretion of bile and balances digestion.

Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and reduces pain making it a great remedy for before and after drinking. This capsule has a great recipe that will help keep you hangover free.


Turmeric capsules have important beneficial effects and are ideally consumed before parties or dinners to allow enjoyment of food and drinks without its negative effects. Turmeric capsule is a liver supplement that helps you wake up feeling refreshed after a night of drinking! Turmeric capsules have vast beneficial effects and are regularly ingested before parties or dinners to allow enjoyment of food and drinks without its negative effects. It consists of curcumin (a turmeric component) which is good for strengthening of liver function and has an effect in recovery of liver after heavy drinking. This spice has long been appreciated in India and other East Asian countries for its health-promoting benefits. This capsule contains “curcumin” a diarylheptanoid, the principal curcuminoid of turmeric, which is a member of the ginger family, said to be good for the liver.


  • To avoid and reduce the effects of alcohol on liver and body.
  • Turmeric is a root said to improve digestive function.
  • The turmeric diet gives you the benefits of curcumin to help you block fat while adding essential nutrition and balance to your diet.
  • Curcumin helps slow down the division of fat cells in your body making it harder to gain weight, putting on unwanted pounds of fat.
  • Turmeric enhances the excretion of bile in your body. Bile found in your gall bladder is produced by cholesterol in your bloodstream.
  • It is natural anti-inflammatory and also helps to prevent gas / bloating.


  • Those who eat and drink alcohol in excess (before and after).
  • Those who want to improve liver function and prevent lifestyle-related disease.
  • Those who want to supplement their lifestyles naturally!
  • Those who seek stomach comfort and want to avoid unpleasant symptoms such as pounding head and queasiness in the morning after drinking alcohol.


Turmeric extract, Perilla oil, Soybean oil, Marianus Thistle extract, Torula Yeast extract, Vitamin E extract, L-ornithine hydrochloride, Glycerin fatty acid ester, Lecithin, Gelatin, Gaba, Beeswax, DL-Alanine


Take 1-3 capsules before drinking and partying.


How does this product work?

The Alanine in this capsule is one of the important amino acids as an energy source of the liver. It works to activate the decomposing cycle of substance produced in the alcohol metabolism. Taking alanine promotes alcohol metabolism, fatigue recovery, combustion promotion of body fat, you can expect the effect of promoting the renewal of the skin (skin regeneration). So, take “Alanine” as the energy to decompose alcohol in liver.


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