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Best Permanent Black Skin Whitening Pills used by Celebrities

Would you change your color of your skin if you could?

For some people, it might be a sort of outrageous hypothetical question but for the most part of Asia and Africa, it’s a routine—a skin care routine that is. Skin whitening is a lifestyle.

A skin whitening store in Ivory Coast. Photo credit: AFP

What is skin whitening?

It’s the process of making your natural skin color lighter. It can be thru topical skin whitening products like soap, lotion, serum, cream, toner, etc. It is a booming business among Asian and black people. Laser treatment is an intensive and permanent skin whitening for black and Asian skin.

Why is it controversial?

Aside from the dangers of fake products that may cause more damage than glowing skin, people have been more sensitive, if not over-sensitive, to racial and cultural issues.

Wanting fair complexion is viewed as a social stigma but it runs deep in world history. Fair porcelain skin was viewed as an upper class elite while dark-skinned people was viewed as a member of the lower class or the laborers. So it was more of a socio-economic status of a person and it was passed on to generations and have become a mindset.

But the thing is, it’s not a matter of racial issue, that being whiter is better or prettier. No. It’s a matter of having an even skin tone, whiter underarms or brightening the dark spots and scars or marks that even Hollywood celebrities are rumored to brighten their skin.

Skin whitening used by celebrities

Creams and chemical peels are just some of the skin whitening for black skin. Let’s check some of the celebrities rumored to whiten their skin…


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But aside from topical solutions, one of the quickest and best solution to achieve brighter complexion is to take skin whitening pills. It is widely used as permanent skin whitening for black skin.


Glutathione pills or what they call the skin whitening pills are most popular in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


Glutathione is a natural antioxidant in our body and by taking it you don’t only detoxify and cleanse your liver, it will also clears up and lightens the skin, thus making it the best skin whitening pill there is.


Skin whitening pills are used by celebrities in Hollywood and most especially Bollywood. India is one of the countries who’s obsessed in getting a lighter that it rivals Thailand’s love for whitening.

Priyanka Chopra
Mindy Kaling

What’s the best skin whitening pill in the market?

BeauOxi White Max 12 in 1 Skin Whitening Glutathione has a maximum antioxidant formula. It consists 12 powerful antioxidants in just one pill. It lightens the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots. This got to be the best skin whitening pill formulation because you can see results as early as 1 week!

BeauOxi White Max Glutathione Tablets are widely popular for its fast whitening effects, it is the skin whitening used by celebrities all over Asia.

BeauOxi White Max 12 in 1 Premium Whitening Glutathione Pills is available at Magic Potions and costs US$55 and ships worldwide. The whitening brand also offers topical skin whitening solution. You can also try BeauOxi White Whitening Toner, Whitening Day and Night Serum, Underarm Whitening Deo, Bleaching Soap, Whitening CC Cream, Japan Collagen Whitening Tablets and Ready to drink Collagen Drink. BeauOxi White Max ensures safety and effectivity. See skin lightening results as early as 1 week guaranteed.

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